Delta make PLC DVP - ES/EX Series

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DVP EX/ES Series

Standard Features :

  1. 32 Basic sequential (Including STL / RET) and 79 application commands (127 including the 32-bit commands)
  2. EEPROM is utilized for program storage. The capacity of 4K models is 3792 STEPS.
  3. Extension of the input and output point could both reach 128 points, respectively.
  4. Internal auxiliary relay M)-M1279. 16-bit Timer (T0~T127) and counter (C0~C127) each possesses 128 of them and each of them could be utilized independently.
  5. Data register D0~D599 and D1000~D1143 with 192 power retaining zones in the 4K model.
  6. Pointers utilize P0~P63 to support the calling of subordinate programs and to execute 4 external interruptions (I001~I301).
  7. There are 1332-bit high-speed counters (C235~C254). The one-phase high-speed counter with 5KHz. The two-phase (A and B) high-speed counter with (2KHz).
  8. One PWM output on Y1.
  9. Two plus output on Y0, Y1(PLSY). The single-axis PLSY has a 10kHz output and the double-axis is 5kHz output.
  10. The EX model possesses the A/D (4-CH, 10bit) and D/A (2-CH,8bit) functions.

Built-in Interface of RS-232

  1. Could directly with handheld programming panel (HPP). (C0nnect with DVPACAB115)
  2. Could directly with PC. (Connect with DVPACAB215)
  3. Could directly with human machine interface (HMI). Connect with DVPACAB315

Built-in Interface of RS-485

  1. Could connect with PC (the PC terminal should be equipped with a RS-485, RS-232 converter).
  2. Could connect with the human-machine interface, HMI, Could also connect with equipment possesses the ASCII communication control mode.
  3. The PLC could serve as the MASTER/ SLAVE terminal that possesses the MODBUS interface and thus could drive up the specific convenient commands (which support the ASCII / RTU modes), MODRD and MODWR; moreover; it could connect directly with Delta’s VFD-M/ P/ B/ S/ L and V Series Inverter, Furthermore, there are specific commands, FWD/ REV/RDST/ RSTEF/ STOP, designed especially for Delta’s VFD-A Series Inverter.
  4. PLC will automatically handle any communication abnormalities, ASCII words and the conversion and checksum of the HEX numerical values.

Self-Examination and Protection

  1. Examine on the exceeding system execution time, illegitimate commands, error usage of the operands, and program grammar.
  2. Self-examination on the hard drive: CPU/ ROM/ RAM and the Peripherals
  3. Users could provide 4 ASCII words to serve as the MPU password, and the password could be used to prevent arbitrary read-out and destruction of the programs would be provided to remove the original MPU password (however, it will entirely delete all the programs within the MPU).