DC Tacho Generators

Give you accurate DC Voltage output proportional
to speed of its mover. They are widely used in applications for feedback and display purposes.


DC Tachogenerators

DC Tachogenerators give you accurate DC Voltage output proportional to speed of its mover. They are widely used in applications for feedback and display purposes.


  • Current: Up to 200 mA
  • Speeds: Up to 10000 rpm
  • Voltages: 4V to 200 V / 1000 rpm

Standard Options (EXTRA) :

  • Temperature Compensation
  • Terminal Box / Connector
  • Foot Mounting
  • Extended Shaft

Standard Features :

  • Compact and Light Weight and can substitute a range of imported / indigenous tachos
  • High Linearity
  • Low Ripple
  • High Stability and Extreme Reliability in Hostile Industrial Environments


The DC Tachogenerator is a speed transducer, which develops DC voltage proportional to speed of the motor connected to it.
Permanent Magnetic field eliminates the need of external excitation and offers extremely reliable and stable outputs. The accuracy of the tachogenerator decides the maximum accuracy of speed of the controlled machine.


The tachogenerator incorporates following features to ensure reliable and long service in most hostile environments.

  1. Silver graphite brushes to ensure long life, minimum voltage drops, and spark free commutation.
  2. Prelubricated and sealed precision ball bearing used for long maintenance free operation.
  3. Brush holders and brushes designed to ensure smooth movements, equal brush tension and spark free operation.
  4. Electrolytic grade copper segments molded and machined to close tolerances in commutator for sparkless commutation and minimum wear. Use of mica insulation between segments to offer maximum dielectric strength and stability.
  5. Armature built with special silicon steel stampings and wound with polyester grade class ‘F’ enameled wire and impregnated for high electrical and strength.
  6. Armature dynamically balanced for vibration free rotation, sparkless commutation and low ripple content.
  7. Totally enclosed construction to offer protection from hostile industrial environments.
  8. Easy accessibility of brushes and commutator for maintenance.
  9. Powder coated / Stowing Paint for good finish, corrosion free outer body.


  1. Any deviation in electrical and mechanical details from our standard models.
  2. Temperature compensation.
  3. Foot mounting, terminal box, and flexible couplings.
  4. Hollow shaft versions available.

SPECIFICATIONS: (Standard Models)

O/P Voltage 0.05V/RPM 0.06V/RPM 0.1V/RPM
O/P Current (max.) 70mA 180mA 100mA
Speed (max.) 4000 RPM 5000 RPM 4000 RPM
Linearity Error <1% <0.5% <0,5%
Ripple Content <1% <0.5% <0,5%
Armature ResistanceAt (25 degree C) 85ohm 115ohm 115ohm
Class of Insulation F F F
Protection Totally Enclosed Totally Enclosed Totally Enclosed
Mounting Flange Flange Flange
Carbon Brush Silver Graphite 4.5*4.5*15 Silver Graphite4.5*4.5*15 Silver Graphite4.5*4.5*15
Moment of Inertia 40gm/sq.cm 40gm/sq.cm 60gm/sq.cm
Weight (Flange) 2.5Kg 2.5Kg 3.5Kg
Weight (Foot) 2.8Kg 2.8Kg 6.8Kg


We are well known for our ability to offer import substitute tachos. We offer numerous import substitutes models from manufacturers like: Hubner (Germany) , Radio Energie (France) , GE (UK), Reliance Electric Co. (USA), Siemens (Germany) , Sanyo Denki (Japan) , SEM (UK) , Tachoduktor (UK), Baumuller (Germany) , Bauer (Germany), Indramat (UK) etc.
We offer equivalent models of all Indigenous manufacturers.


We offer repair / recalibration services for all type of Imported tachos. Please accept this from your customer subject to confirmation from our factory.

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